doughters of the moon

Daughters of the moon

You walk around mothered by earth and fathered by the moon.

You breath in air, like is your heritage to own.

You swift through life like wind,

You are furious floods that drown and composed rains that nourish.

The stars look down on us only to witness the spark in your eyes.

The seas bite into the sand just to grasp the feeling of your humble feet.

You stirr oceans like a flame ablaze in the middle of the water.

The grass itself bends in your presence,

Birds fly only to lead you,

And animals hunt only to feed you.

You carry the sun on your skin,

The moon in your heart,

The earth in your womb,

And the world in your mind.

You are women!

Raise your eyes from the ground, the sky is waiting.

Don’t bite your tongue down, it was meant to roar

Don’t shy away, a hungry lion wouldn’t.

I see you starved, silenced and chained down.

They cut down our wings afraid we’ll fly too far from them to follow.

I see what they’ve done to the daughters of the moon,

I see them enslaved.

Oh fierce women,

Life ends and begins with the motion of your hips,

Life hangs and shudders at your lips.

You who are the foundation of the world,



Never to be belittled, never to be tossed away when you were meant to march the fields of the fucking world.

You are women and that stands for so much more,

You are women, no one’s but your own.

You are feathers, fangs and claws caged for too long.

They said you were born in sin

But they brought the sin to you.

Daughters of the moon

Versuri de – Alfirii Anastasia-

Fi parte din – Comunitatea ForPerspective.

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