to life

To life

When All senses get silent
Journey to subtlety begins
When all filters fade away
The truth appears

All lights up on the sky
One by one reaching my eye
A wind is taking away all the filters
Taking away what is left of me

It’s impossible to be the light
It’s impossible to be an inspiration
Only possibility is to see
Only possibility is to be inspired

I am seeing your eyes everywhere
Your lips, neck, breasts, belly, legs
All are lights on the sky
Your breath is the wind making “I” fade away

I am seeing you everywhere
And everything becomes and inspiration
Everything becomes the light
I surrender to be annihilated totally

Being annihilated by the beauty
Being annihilated by divinity
Being annihilated unconditionally
Being annihilated by the being

Surrendering to the truth
Where even surrendering not exist
Where even the being not exist
Flowing towards nowhere

Be my gate to the truth
Let me to be your gate to the truth
Be the annihilator of “I” in me
Let me to be the annihilator of the “I” in you

Walking together to where nothing exist
Walking together to where is already here
Walking together to see
Walking together to where to be inspired

To life

by Emre Gunerken

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